Social Media and Politics

                This video has direct correlations to what we have been talking about in class all week.  This deals directly with politics and how they are now moving their way into social media.  It is the world we live in now, and if the political parties expect to stay up with one another, they are going to have to use this platform in order to help themselves and be able to reach a ton of people fast, to influence them to vote the way they want to. 

            The first real try to incorporate the internet was John McCain in 2000.  From there, it has exploded and it is hard not to find a campaign that has not been on some sort of social media.  It is the new way to be able to get a ton of people, fast.  With one click of a button, millions of people can read something about you and be able to access it.  Almost all politicians will be using this now, but the thing about it is that they were kind of late to the party.  Many times, citizens have been getting on Facebook or YouTube or whatever form they like, and they are trying to influence other citizens about the way they should vote.  You can imagine that most politicians will be using this now.

            Social media has taken over the world.  It is the way we communicate with other people, post views and ideas we have, and it is the most efficient way to do it.  Whether we like it or not, at some point when we are one of the 433 things that we have on the internet, we will see political ads.  I think that it is a good idea, but at the same time it is scary where this is going.  With the political thing, I don’t really think it is a bad thing.  But, in other ways, if it gets too much, the aspect of dealing with individuals and having face to conversations, I think it’s not good.  But if Obama wants to promote things on there, more power to him.

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