This video is about how Israel is very nervous about the potential threat of nuclear war that could happen between them and Iran. They have presidents running campaigns about it, they have commercials, and they have people who are very worried that this situation could quickly escalate out of control.
Iran continues to deny the fact that they are making nuclear weapons. To Israel, they do not believe that and they are very scared about what could happen. Like the guy said in the movie, they could kill as many Jews as Hitler did is six years in about six minutes. This is a huge threat to the Jewish people and I believe that they have every right to be scared about it. Some people, like the guy in this video, are so nervous that they have made videos about how Iran is doing all of this. It poses a huge threat to the country of Israel, and it could really cause a lot of world conflict as well.
Most Israelis want peace, they do not want to get into a conflict with Iran, and I believe with good reason. This potentially could become a very problematic matter for the world and the United States. Israel is our ally, and if a war starts over there, especially with nuclear bombs and weapons, this could be a potentially very dangerous situation for us as well. I believe that we need to be very tactical about what we do with the new development that come with this story. If we are not careful, we could get into a huge conflict and I really don’t believe that is what the US needs right now.

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