Big Question: Scoring Goals

The Big Question: Scoring goals

            Basically this article is talking about how sports can really transcend sports.  Sports can have such a profound impact on people and countries that we have no idea what it means until we look back on it.  For instance, the baseball team that was made in China opened the eyes of many of those players to other forms of life that they would have never known.   Also for somebody like Arvydas Sabonis, somebody that I really enjoyed watching as a basketball junkie, he transcended all of the country of Lithuania and became an rock star there for winning a medal.  He won back to back bronze medals for the country.  And something that seems so simple for us here in the United States because we are so powerful in sports can mean the world to some of these smaller countries.  A small thing for us could mean mighty things for others.

            I know this from personal experience having taken basketball trips overseas.  Those people treat even me, a player at Campbellsville who no one really has heard of, like rock stars.  They soak up every word that you say and just want to know everything because you play basketball in the States.  I think sometimes here we get wrapped up in what size school we play at, or if we play at all.  Even in high school, this is a big deal for people elsewhere.  I think the best thing we can do is be grateful for the opportunities that this country gives us and run with it.  There are millions and millions of kids that would change places with us in a heartbeat, and we need to take more advantage of what we really have and use it for the positive.  

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